friday fatigue

If my boss wouldn’t notice, I’d be doing this right now:

I’m so sleepy!  It has been a long week but only 2 more hours to go and it will be the weekend and that’s bound to wake me up.

In other news, I had to eat lunch at my desk today but that’s not so bad when a co-worker brings you soup from Panera.  Thanks, Ajdin! 

I love their creamy tomato soup.  It’s a bit less acidic than regular tomato soup and paired with their baguette, it’s the perfect quick lunch combo. 

This is kind of a random post, must be that Friday fatigue. 

Changing subjects once again, I currently have two musical obsessions.  1) Adele.  Love that voice, girl – not to mention the piano driving your melodies, love.  Don’t you rememmbeeeerrrrrrrrrr?  2) Elijah Bossenbroek.  All piano, all the time.  My yoga studio plays his tunes every once in awhile and I’m in love.  We’re playing his music as background music during the cocktail and dinner hours at our wedding.  Love him.  These two have been getting me through my afternoons lately.

Less than an hour left now!  Then, off to Chicago.  Yay!

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