happy oberon day!

After a hot, sweaty power vinyasa class at the Funky Buddha, I surprised Todd with a 6-pack of Oberon in celebration of Oberon Day.

What is Oberon Day, you say?  It is the annual debut of what may be my favorite beer.  Oberon is brewed semi-locally at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI.  Oberon is basically West Michigan’s unofficial beer of summer.  And let me tell you what, sipping on an Oberon on a 35 degree day in March makes it feel like summer is just that much closer.


Yup, I love me some Oberon.  Cheers to summer, it will be here soon!

What’s your favorite summer beer?  Or beer in general?

Is there anything that marks the end of winter for you?

2 thoughts on “happy oberon day!

  1. Beautiful blog, I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog! I also have trouble with starting and restarting a blog – life gets so busy so fast!

    I really enjoy a Pale Ale every once in a while but I also am a sucker for Shiner Bock (made in Texas). Winter is finally getting to wear a tank top for the first time in months!

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