one last single girl weekend

No, Todd and I did not break up nor are we going to BUT he is gone for his weekend-long bachelor party.  That means I get the house all to myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I love living with Todd and coming home to each other at night but there’s something to be said for just being home alone every once in a while.

I plan to get a lot done this weekend.  Here’s my list:

1) Pack. 

We move into our new apartment on May 1st and I’ve got a lot to pack up, throw away and donate.  Even though we won’t move in until after our honeymoon we want to get as much done as possible ahead of time.

2) Write Thank You Notes

I have to finish all of my thank you note from the two showers that were thrown for me last week plus those for the wedding gifts we’ve started to receive.  I’m thinkful to have this task on my list, we’ve been really blessed.

3) Yoga

A weekend at home means a weekend that I can fill with hot yoga in the mornings without worrying about having to get all ready to go somewhere right afterwards.  It’s time to sweat!

4) Pack

This time for the honeymoon.  I’ve got a suitcase just itching to be filled with bathing suits, shorts and sundresses.  And the big, floppy beach hat I bought for my Mexican honeymoon.  I cannot wait to live in the sun for a week!

5) Easter Brunch

My parents and I will be having Easter Brunch together,  just the three of us (maybe four if my little brother can make it).  It will be nice to have some quiality time with them before the wedding.  And who doesn’t love brunch?

6) Grocery Shopping

I’m working on a meal plan for the next two weeks.  I don’t need to lost any weight and can’t lose any weight for the risk of my wedding dress falling off but I’d like to treat my body well so I feel great on our wedding day.  So, I’m planning meals and want to have things prepped and ready to go so that I stick to my plan.  Wish me luck, I find junk food really hard to resist.

7) Eat Ice Cream

I saved the best for last.  I gave up ice cream for lent this year and it has been rough.  I even forgot the first day of Lent and ate a delicious spoonful of Mackinac Island Fudge ice cream before I realized what I was doing.  Since then, I’ve been pretty good.  During Lent I have eaten frozen yogurt.  Twice.  But that doesn’t really count, right?  Either way, I plan to eat my body weight in ice cream on Sunday and I cannot wait.  The meal plan will begin on Monday.

I’m really looking forward to a quiet weekend.  And sleeping smack dab in the middle of the bed.

What are your weekend plans?

Do you like having the house to yourself?

7 thoughts on “one last single girl weekend

  1. Sounds like a great weekend home alone, and I’m so jealous of your upcoming wedding/Mexico fun! I should take a cue from you and plan some meals as well. 🙂 I don’t really like being home alone overnight cause I’m a big baby about things (and watch wayyyy too many crime shows), but I definitely like having some time to myself here and there.

    • I do the same thing! I just made myself turn off Criminal Minds because it’s raining and I’d be scared out of my mind. I plan to try your hobo margaritas tomorrow night while I enjoy a whole pizza alone.

    • How sweet! I’ve been trying to talk Todd into getting a puppy but it’s not happening any time soon. I’d love to have one to cuddle with!

  2. Yes, I love Hubster very much, but I also love having a weekend alone (I try to get one once every 6 weeks). I agree, I love sleeping in the middle of the bed… and getting a solid night’s rest (Hubster snores). I also finally get control of the remote, so I can watch the cheesy movies I love, or even just turning off the TV. I also get time to craft uninterrupted and make the food I know he wouldn’t like… Congrats on your wedding and best wishes in starting your married life.

    • Thank you so much! And thanks for commenting. I’ve been looking through your blog, you’re so crafty and a cook too, you must be so busy! I’ll definitely be reading.

  3. Haha. Dave gets a little sad, but sometimes I DO like the house to myself. It means lots and lots of crime shows (the real-life ones) and just like you said, sleeping in the middle of the bed! I LOVE to sprawl out! Plus, I tend to be more productive when he isn’t around, only because I’d rather be spending my time with him when he is there, rather than doing pesky chores or homework.

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