looking forward to moving

After all of that packing over the weekend, I got to thinking about the things I’m looking forward to at the new apartment.

1) Having a fresh start.

I’ll let you in on a secret…I am messy. I love being able to start over at a new apartment and try again to be more organized. Maybe this time, with a husband in tow, it will work!

2) Using our new things.

New plates, new silverware, new furniture, new KitchenAid mixer, new bedding etc. This is more new than I’ve ever known before and that it so cool.

3) Better lighting.

Our house is a little dark. I’m hoping that the high ceilings and big windows will provide a lot of natural light. I plan to buy some good lightbulbs as well. Maybe my food pictures won’t look like I took them in a basement anymore!

4) Having our own nest.

Todd and I have been lucky to live at his parents’ lake house for the last year (make that 2 and a half for Todd) and it’s wonderful. But I’m excited to live in a place that is ours. Plus, I’ve never been able to be the primary decorator of an apartment well, minus one, but that was years ago! I can’t wait to make it our own.

5) A shorter commute.

Right now I leave for work 40 minutes before I start. The new apartment is 5 minutes from my office. I can’t wait to sleep in AND say goodbye to morning road rage.

What do you look forward to when you move?

9 thoughts on “looking forward to moving

    • Oh that’s so nice! Do you usually walk or drive? I’m thinking that my office might be close enough for me to walk in the summer and that’s pretty exciting news.

    • I am so pumped about this weekend! We’re moving to an apartment near Fulton and Eastern just a little two bedroom close to the farmer’s market. I hope it’s as cute as I remember it!

    • Me too! It’s such a great opportunity for a new look. I’m still choosing color combos for the living room, I might go crazy and try poppy red with robin’s egg blue. We’ll see… 🙂

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