goodbye cancun!

Where did this week go?  Well, I guess I know where it went.  We spent a lot of time reading and soaking up the rays.

We enjoyed some good food.

And some great desserts.

Does anyone know how to make mint mousse?  I need to learn, STAT.

We even made some animal friends.

Some real and some of the folded variety…

We also met some warriors.

One of them was especially fierce.

We had a few romantic dinners.  It’s our honeymoon after all.

As if that weren’t enough, I got a hole-in-one at mini golf!

But mostly we just spent time together, goofing around and having fun.

Enjoying being husband and wife.

Which made for a very happy week, indeed.

Goodbye, Cancun!  Thanks for a great honeymoon!

4 thoughts on “goodbye cancun!

    • I thought of you when I was quick writing this post this morning, it has so many pictures which I know isn’t your fave BUT sometimes pictures tell a better story.

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