guest post – i’m a cooker

Hello world – Todd, here. I’m Kate’s husband, though if you’re reading this, you probably already knew that. I’m thoroughly honored to be the first (of many?) guest bloggers on Pomelo Sunshine. Without further ado, please enjoy my (guest) post.

Just because you run doesn’t mean you’re an Olympian. Nope, you’re just a runner.

Just because you blog doesn’t mean you’re an author. Nope, you’re just a blogger.

Just because you cook, doesn’t mean you’re a chef. Nope, you’re — like me – just a cooker.

You might be a cooker if, while reading a recipe, you ask yourself, ‘What the heck is neutral oil?’ (Turns out it is a neutral-flavored oil, like canola oil.)

You might be a cooker if you can’t fathom how Kate takes the time to take photos while she cooks because cooking is far too frantic of activity to mix photography with.

You might be a cooker if you aim for Top Chef Masters, but end up looking more like Worst Cooks in America.

That said, I’ve learned (mainly from Kate – more on that in a minute), that you can put together some pretty delectable dishes, even if you’re just a cooker. As proof, I offer you BBQ Chicken Nachos.

I even made the bbq sauce myself. I mainly used this recipe from Macheesmo, making a few substitutions along the way – extra ketchup and brown sugar to make the sauce thicker and sweeter, and subbed the whole white onion for a half red onion – it’s what we had. Plus, the jalapenos only went on one side of the nachos – they’re a no-go for Kate.

As you can probably tell from the pictures, they turned out wonderfully, and were quite delicious. Despite being married to Kate, I’m really dispassionate about food. Maybe it is because I just don’t feel strongly about food, or maybe it’s because I’m a guy, but I never bothered to learn to cook. At all. Kate and I made jello together on our first date (as preparation for a bake-off my family was doing), and she mostly had to teach me how to make jello. Did you know you can layer jello? Did you know you can put whip cream in jello? Did you know that you pull the pork AFTER you cook it when you make pulled pork? I’ve learned all of this, and much more, while cooking with (and for) Kate.

In my time as a cooker, I’ve developed the following rules for cooking:

Rule 1: Follow the recipe exactly.

Rule 2: Only make things you are (reasonably) sure you’ll like: that way, when you’re black bean and corn burgers turn into black bean and corn scramble, it will at least taste (reasonably) good.

Rule 3: Have confidence. You’ll always be surprised by what you can cook up if you just try (especially if you’re following a recipe).

So whatever it is you do, run, blog, cook, whatever – remember, you don’t have to be an Olympian, author, or chef, to enjoy it. And isn’t that what matters?

Ok, since this is Kate’s blog, I think I should end it the way she does, so…

What are your rules for cooking?

What do you enjoy doing, even though you’re far from a pro at it? 

4 thoughts on “guest post – i’m a cooker

  1. I like that emphasis! Don’t have to be a saint to try to live right, don’t have to be an artist to enjoy drawing, don’t have to be an architect to make sandcastles. Great philosophy of life!

  2. I’d take it even further. I might title my book “Joyless Achievement: The Ultimate Waste”

    In short- better a joyful cooker than a miserable chef!

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