hmp: grilled chicken pesto orecchiette

Oops, I skipped yoga in favor of a good meal and time spent with my man.  I’d call it a good choice.

Todd and I made dinner together tonight which is always fun.  We decided to make the grilled chicken pesto orecchiette that we abandoned on Sunday in favor of quesadillas.  I’ve been wanting to try orecchiette pasta for ages but can never seem to find it at the store.  Fortunately, our little neighborhood grocer happened to have it when I was there a few weeks ago and I bought it on the spot.  Orechiette means “little ear” in Italian which I think is just so cute.

While Todd grilled up the chicken I boiled the pasta and got the pesto ready.  Oh, and I made oven fries just to make sure we had enough starch today.  I love potatoes and the Alexia line of products never disappoints.  We went with Olive Oil and Sea Salt fries tonight.

I used a store bought pesto sauce made by Bella Terra, it’s not homemade but at least it’s organic!

After the pasta was cooked and pesto was warmed, we added the chicken and a sprinkle of parmesan and voila, dinner!

Man that pasta was good.  We had some leftovers so I’m looking forward to eating it for another lunch or two this week.  And the fries, awesome – I’ll never feel bad about loving French fries.

Do you buy pasta sauce or make homemade?

When you cook dinner do you make extra so you’ll have leftovers or try to make just enough?