my bachelorette party in pictures

My bachelorette party was yesterday.

Peach Jell-o shots are my new favorite, awesome contribution Mary!

This amazing spread was there to greet us in Chicago.

Em even made my favorite, pineapple pizza!

She decorated with pictures my friends sent her.  It was such a fun display to look at!

And she made sure everyone had a little gift.  Softlips is the best!

And she ordered empanadas as part of our Argentine feast at Tango Sur.

The food was amazing.  Just as good as the food we always ate in Argentina.  Chicken, ravioli and steak – beyond delicious.

Then we hit the bars.

And danced the night away.

What a great group of girls to say goodbye to singlehood with.

And then this morning…

We brunched.  Another fantastic meal.  Notice the Nutella on my pancake.  Heaven.

Thank you Emily for throwing an amazing bachelorette.  Every single thing was perfect and every detail so well thought out.  It was everything I could have hoped for.  I’m so grateful to my sister and all of my friends who took the time to travel to Chicago and celebrate with me.  I loved every minute.

If this weekend was any indication of how much fun we’re going to have at the wedding, I can hardly wait.  It’s going to be a riot.

What are some of your favorite memories with friends?

bachelorette, hair, makeup and a hangover

My Grand Rapids bachelorette party was last night and we had a great time.  We had dinner at Bar Divani where I tried their featured apple pork risotto, it was de-lish!

After that we went to Stella’s where my little brother was working then we went on to some more embarrassing locales that will remain unnamed.  But it’s a bachelorette party, right?  Reverting to your younger days during a bachelorette party seems like the thing to do.

Thanks for taking me out girls, I had so much fun!

As far as this morning was concerned, I will simply say that I was in very rough shape for most of the day.  I had to be at my wedding hair and makeup trial run at noon and I am still shocked that I made it and made it through.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so awful and I wanted to be in a ball, asleep on the couch.  Unfortunately, my appointment took three hours because I had my highlights touched up too.  Note to self: never make appointments for a day when a hangover is a possibility.  Man, I’m really past the bar scene phase of my life and need to remember that when I do have nights like that.  Oh well, you live and you learn.

My hair and makeup trial runs were a total success.  I love my hair stylist and she always does a great job and the makeup artist was fantastic as well.  I am going to have a few things tweaked with both my hair and makeup for the big day but overall I just feel so pretty and think my look will be just perfect for the wedding day.

Just a sneak preview until the big reveal on May 7.

I still felt pretty horrible when I got home and thought that a snack might help.  I made English muffin pizza again but was able to broil it since I was at home this time, I just love that crispy cheese on the top!

Of course, I love pizza so by dinner time I was ready for the real thing and we ordered some pizza from Hungry Howie’s.  I got my only small pizza so I got to pick toppings for both halves so I was able to have both of my favorites, plain cheese and pineapple with butter cheese crust.  Just what I needed!

Man, I might go have another slice.

Besides going to the salon, I’ve been laying low.  We’ve watched a few episodes of Parenthood.  I really like this show, we started watching it recently on demand and it’s really quite good.  It seems to give a pretty realistic view of an extended family and the different relationships between the family members.  The episodes we watched today were real tear jerkers and I’m happy to report that my makeup is all still intact – a good sign since I’m sure to be shedding tears at our wedding.

Have you ever had your makeup professionally done?

What’s your favorite hangover food?

english muffin pizza


I am so glad that the weekend is almost here.  I’m enjoying an English muffin pizza for lunch.  I just brought a lightly toasted English muffin, some pizza sauces and mozzarella cheese and assembled it, popped in the microwave and a minute later it was pizza time.

This is so simple to make, do you think it culd count towards the Homemade Meal Project?  It was delicious but I think I still need something else to snack on since I ate all of my lunch fruit for a snack this morning.

After work today, my office friends are taking me out for a mini despedida de soltera, a bachelorette party.  My officially bachelorette will be in Chicago the week before my wedding and not all of the girls can make it so we’re going out tonight to celebrate.  I can’t wait! 

Now, off to find a snack.  Hope you’re having a great afternoon!

What are you favorite, easy, lunch-time meals?

Are you going out tonight?  What are your plans?