ch – making ceviche

Even though we’re at an all-inclusive and have been stuffing our faces with fresh fruit, pad thai, ice cream and omelets every day, we managed to get some cooking in as well.  We spent Thursday afternoon at (yet another) sister resort, Beach Palace and it turns out this is the party Palace.  While we were sitting by the pool the action didn’t stop.  First there was a water aerobics class follwed by a performance by dancers from a local night club/theater then an “triathlon” basically designed for the spring break crowd but carried out by middle-aged hotel guests.  Finally, in the afternoon, there was an activity both Todd and I were excited to participate in (although I did try out some of the water aerobics moves) – a cooking demonstration!

The entertainment staff lined us up by the pool, gave us all aprons and set out all of the ingredients to make ceviche.

Lime, avocado, tomato, onion, cilantro, grouper and salt.  Simple enough.  The chef then walked us through the steps.

Mix fish, tomato, cilantro and onion together, got it.  Squeeze one lime wedge over the mixture, taste and add juice of lime if desired, no need to taste, in goes the second lime.  Add salt, done.  Scoop out avocado, check.  Mix together lightly and voila – ceviche!

I must say, it was pretty good.  And I don’t even prefer fish but the grouper was really mild and mixed with the fresh veggies and tortilla chips, it was a great snack.

Did I mention how awesome our aprons were?

It was just another fun, relaxing day in Cancun.

Have you every made ceviche at home?

Does eating uncooked fish bother you?