sunday morning pancakes

I almost never make pancakes.  I like pancakes but I’m almost always hungry again an hour after I eat them.  This morning, I woke up craving pancakes.  I blame Alexa from Simple Eats because I read her post featuring pancakes shortly before going to bed.  They looked so delicious that I just couldn’t shake the idea!

Thankfully I had a box of pancake mix in the cupboard.  I got it off the clearance shelf at Target a few weeks ago.  Chocolate Raspberry pancakes.  How could I resist?

The pancakes turned out just as delicious as I was hoping.  There are chunks of chocolate and white chocolate in them and they gave the batter the perfect amount of sweetness.  Although the copious amounts of blueberry syrup I topped them with didn’t hurt either.

If you live buy a Target, you should run there to see if they still have a box of these on the shelf.  They were so, so good.  I even talked Todd into trying them – he hates fruit and I just overheard him say, “Hey, not bad.” – pretty high praise from him for anything containing raspberries and soaked with blueberry flavored syrup.

Thanks for the inspiration, Alexa!

Now I have more relaxing and long weekending to do.  I love three day weekends!

Do you enjoy flavored pancakes or just the classic variety?

How are you kicking off summer this weekend?