big morning

What a big morning I’ve had so far!  Normally I get ready and go to work and that’s that.  This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and found out that I am still healthy, expected but always a relief.

After my appointment I swung by the cafe inside the building where my doctor’s office is and bought this delicious looking salad for lunch.

I can’t wait to eat it for lunch, look at all of those strawberries and walnuts!  After that my tummy was rumbling a bit, an early bowl of cereal can only keep my belly full for so long so I went to the Wealthy Street Bakery.


The sales clerk talked me into buying a Chocolate Pecan Breakfast Cookie.  He claimed it was healthy and when I questioned that he told me that it’s full or protein, fiber and fat free.  Sold!

After that I caught up with my mom who is on spring break in Florida.  Color me jealous.  With the wedding only a month from today we had a lot to chat about!

Now I’m at work waiting to punch in. Not a bad Thursday morning, I could get used to coming in late.

What are you favorite breakfast treats?

What time do you go into work or class?