Since yesterday my allergies seem to have been really acting up.  I claimed that I must be allergic to work.  I still think that’s true but they’ve been so severe and a sore throat and chills joined the mix today so I’m not sure this is just allergies.  Because I wasn’t feeling the best I came right home after work, cancelled my spot at yoga class and took a nap while Todd went to go pick up a pizza.

We enjoyed the delicious pizza from Big Bob’s at our new patio table and the combo of the sun and pizza definitely made me feel a little better – if nothing else, morale improved.  A few hours later Todd was craving ice cream.  I always want ice cream and, since Todd doesn’t have a sweet tooth like I do, jumped at the chance to go get ice cream even though I was considering an 8:00 bedtime.

We decided to walk to a local store, Martha’s Vineyard, to pick up a pint of ice cream.  We brought spoons with us so we could eat our ice cream on the way home.  I noticed my reflection in the spoon so we had a mini spoon photoshoot.

When we got to Martha’s Vineyard we ran into a couple of friends including my former roommate, Erin.  She recently got a new puppy and I got to meet her for the first time.

That’s my “I want one, can we get one please???” face.

I’ve been having major puppy lust lately but, Todd’s not that into it plus our lease doesn’t allow dogs and we’re locked in here for 14 more months.  Maybe by August 2012 Todd will be ready for one.

We decided on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Fro-Yo and got to work on it as soon as we started walking home.  It’s one of my favorite flavors and the fact that it comes in less-guilt frozen yogurt form is a major bonus.

As you can see, we enjoyed it.  And I’m sure it’s helping to clear up my stuffy nose.  Ice cream’s a cure-all, right?

Speaking of ice cream.  Remember those cookies and cream brownies that I made the other day?  On Monday night I got my wish and ate one warm with ice cream and hot fudge.

Yup, that was the jam.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


kitchenaid debut + brownies from scratch

You may remember that I was given a KitchenAid stand mixer as a wedding shower gift.  It has been sitting proudly on a shelf since we moved into our apartment, waiting to be used.  On Friday, I knew that it could wait no longer.  Since this was the KitchenAid’s inaugural use I wanted to make something delicious, classic and worthy of the mixer.  I had never made brownies from scratch before and it seemed like the thing to do.  After skimming through several blogs and searching for homemade brownie recipes between tasks at work, I settled on Jessica’s Cookies and Cream Brownies.  The recipe is simple, approachable and involves Oreo cookies – a sure winner.  Plus, I’ve had her Cookies and Cream Cupcakes and those were quite good.

Todd got to work crushing the Oreos (Double Stuff – we don’t mess around), his favorite kitchen task, while I measured out the other ingredients.

The mixer worked wonderfully and I soon had a lovely, smooth brownie batter ready to bake into brownies.

In making these, I also debuted another new baking tool, my Martha Stewart Brownie Pan.  It slices your brownies for you as they cook!  I was worried that it might make brownies that were all edges but the middle brownies came out great, like freshly sliced brownies.  I’m definitely not ever using another pan to make brownies again.

I didn’t make the frosting for the brownies but we did try some with store-bought  vanilla frosting.  These brownies are delicious and cakey but fudge-like at the same time.  It was so easy to make them from scratch – I’ll definitely be using less boxed mixes in the future.

These brownies are screaming to be served with ice cream and hot fudge.  I’ll let you know if I can make that happen over the weekend.

The recipe for these brownies can be found here.  I followed it almost exactly, using 3 squares baking chocolate and substituing whole wheat flour for regular flour.  Again, it was really easy.  If you feel intimidated at the thought of making brownies from scratch, don’t!

Also, I don’t need to say it but the KitchenAid is amazing and I’m so glad I have one.  Many more batches of cookies, brownies and bread to come.

Have you ever made brownies from scratch?

What’s your favorite addition to brownies?  Nuts, chocolate chunks, frosting, toffee?