cancun honeymoon (day one)

This morning both Todd and I woke up early.  Since we had the time we started the day with a short workout at the hotel gym.  The gym has a pretty nice view of an inlet so between that and the book I brought along, my time on the exercise bike went by quickly.

We got ready for the day, meaning I finally took down my wedding hair and removed my fake eyelashes.  Being a glamour puss was fun while it lasted but it was time to morph into a beach bum.

After breakfast on our balcony we went down to stake a claim on two poolside beach chairs.  Last night the beach looked nice but today, in the light of day, it was just breathtaking.

The water is like an ombre printed scarf.  It starts navy in the distances that gradually becomes cerulean and then a turquoise that fades into the most beautiful, clear blue that I’ve ever seen.  I said to Todd that I thought the pictures on the resorts had been photoshopped but the water is actually that beautiful and the sand is actually that white.  It’s paradise, certainly.

We spent our morning enjoying the view, basking in the sun and taking cheesy pictures – we even had one with a pair of macaws, I can’t wait to see it.

This mildly unflattering picture was one of my glamour shots taken by Todd while I was modeling my brand new sun hat which was purchased especially for the honeymoon.  While the picture isn’t the best, my sun hat rocks.

In between soaking up sun rays and modeling sessions, we went for a swim and enjoy the wonderful service that comes with an all-inclusive package.  They just keep bringing margaritas, daiquiris, quesadillas, ice cream…whatever your little heart desires.  And guacamole.  The guacamole here is quite good.

All of the sun combined with the strawberry daiquiri I had knocked me right out and I took a little nap in the sun.  Now, we’re back in our room, taking a little break to plan out our week.

Rest assured, it will include a lot more of this:

Believe it our not, that photo wasn’t tweaked a bit.  Just pure Caribbean bliss.  I could definitely get used to this!

What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?