whirlwind weekend in chattanooga and homemade pretzels

I had such a full weekend, long post ahead!

After a wonderful, whirlwind trip to Chattanooga to celebrate Jen and Evan’s wedding I am back home.  When I arrived in Chattanooga, Sarah picked me up from the airport and met up with the other bridesmaids leaving me the rest of the sunny, gorgeous, 75 degree day exploring Chattanooga.


First things first, I went to find a snack.  I stopped at Niedlov’s Breadworks, an adorable bakery right downtown.


I ate a delicious, buttery chocolate-filled croissant and made a plan for the day.  As I was sitting there I noticed a real live knitting club was meeting there, how cute and southern is that?  After my snack I headed towards the riverside area where there are a lot of restaurants, bars, an aquarium and an outdoor flea market.  The whole area was bustling and lively and was the perfect place to soak up the sun.  One of my favorite things is discovering a new place and I love to just take my time and poke around town, Chattanooga definitely did not disappoint.


After my tour of Chattanooga, I headed up to Lookout Mountain where our B&B was located.  There were such amazing views of the city from the mountain.  After checking in, I did a 20-minute yoga session in our room.  This was the frist time that I’d ever done yoga without an instructor and I felt pretty good about it.  I definitely prefer to have an instructor there, guiding me through my practice but it’s good to know that practicing at home on days that I can’t make class is an option.  It felt good to take that time out to do something good for my body in the midst of so much food and celebration.  Oh yoga, you make me smile.


Jen and Evan’s wedding was such a great event.  The venue was in Lookout Mountain, Georgia and had a gorgeous view of Chattanooga.  Her dad performed the ceremony which was very touching.  I couldn’t help but think about my own upcoming wedding during the ceremony and that made it even more special, I can’t wait to marry Todd in just 6 weeks.  Congratulations Jen and Evan, I’m so happy for you two!


The B&B that Sarah and I stayed at was called the Garden Walk Inn, and our friends Debbie and Andy stayed there as well.

We all had breakfast together this morning.  They served baked peach french toast which was amazing!  I’m going to have to find a recipe to try at home.

Look at all of that whipped cream, almond goodness!

After breakfast we said goodbye to Debbie and Andy and then Sarah and I made our way to Atlanta to catch our respective flights home.  Like I said, a whirlwind trip!

Todd picked me up at the airport and we headed home where he had dough waiting to make homemade soft pretzels.  Todd used a WikiHow recipe to make the dough.  We rolled out the dough by hand, it reminded me of my preschool days when I would make worms out of play-dough, it was exactly the same technique!  We then shaped the pretzels which was surprisingly challenging, the dough would fall apart if it wasn’t moist enough but the work was worth it.

After coating the pretzels with the baking soda mixture and an egg wash we sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar, sea salt or sesame seeds and then popped them in the oven.

Ten minutes later we had delicious, soft, hot pretzels!

I was amazed at how good they were!  We made some pretzel nuggets too and those were even better.  They were exactly the right consistency, just as good as any pretzel stand.  What a fun and tasty way to spend a Sunday evening!


I definitely had a great weekend.  It combined so many of my favorite things: weddings, friends, spending time with Todd, sun, food, new places.  Just lovely!


Where was your last weekend away?

What was the best new place you’ve recently discovered?