hello, chia!

Over the past month or so I’ve been reading blogs a lot more than I ever had before.  For whatever reason, I never knew how many great food and healthy lifestyle blogs there were out there and it’s been so fun to start getting into that world.  One thing that a lot these blogs have been talkin about is chia seeds.  When I first read about them I had no idea what they were.  As I read more blogs, chia seeds kept showing up and I learned about their high fiber, protein and Omega-3 content.

So, last week I was order old fashioned rock candy sticks for the candy bar we’re having at the wedding and I needed to spend a few dollars more in order to quialify for a discount.  After browsing the site for a few minutes, I saw they sold chia seeds and I immediately added a pound to my shopping cart. 

They arrived yesterday and let me tell you, a pound of chia seeds is a lot of seeds!

I had to try them for breakfast this morning so I prepared a bagel thing with peanut butter, sprinkled on some chia seeds then topped the whole thing with a few blueberries.

The chia seeds didn’t taste like anything at all.  If getting Omega-3s, protein and fiber can be this easy, I’m in.

Fun fact: The other day, I read on Peanut Butter Fingers that the chia seeds you eat are the same seeds used to grow Chia Pets!

I’d say that chia seeds are definitely going to keep popping up in my meals and I’ll probably try baking them into some things too.

Do you eat chia seeds?

Does anyone know what the difference between white and black chia seeds is?