hmp: grilled chicken pesto orecchiette

Oops, I skipped yoga in favor of a good meal and time spent with my man.  I’d call it a good choice.

Todd and I made dinner together tonight which is always fun.  We decided to make the grilled chicken pesto orecchiette that we abandoned on Sunday in favor of quesadillas.  I’ve been wanting to try orecchiette pasta for ages but can never seem to find it at the store.  Fortunately, our little neighborhood grocer happened to have it when I was there a few weeks ago and I bought it on the spot.  Orechiette means “little ear” in Italian which I think is just so cute.

While Todd grilled up the chicken I boiled the pasta and got the pesto ready.  Oh, and I made oven fries just to make sure we had enough starch today.  I love potatoes and the Alexia line of products never disappoints.  We went with Olive Oil and Sea Salt fries tonight.

I used a store bought pesto sauce made by Bella Terra, it’s not homemade but at least it’s organic!

After the pasta was cooked and pesto was warmed, we added the chicken and a sprinkle of parmesan and voila, dinner!

Man that pasta was good.  We had some leftovers so I’m looking forward to eating it for another lunch or two this week.  And the fries, awesome – I’ll never feel bad about loving French fries.

Do you buy pasta sauce or make homemade?

When you cook dinner do you make extra so you’ll have leftovers or try to make just enough?



My morning got off to a fun start today.  Todd got up really early to appear on the radio!  That’s right, my fiancé is now a radio star or at least he was today.  The “Mrs.” half of our marriage mentorship couple invited Todd to appear with her on a local public radio show to talk about why he wants to get married.  I woke up a few minutes before 7:00 to make sure I’d catch his whole appearance.  We don’t have a radio in the house (so modern we are!) so I had the webpage for live streaming ready to go before I went to bed but unfortunately it wasn’t working this morning.  I spent about 10 more minutes searching the house for a radio unsuccessfully.  Finally, I opened the door to the garage, rolled down my car window and blasted the radio so I could hear it while I was getting ready.  Not conventional but it worked.  Todd was a natural during the interview and hearing him talk about our relationship and his feelings about marriage was such an uplifting and reassuring way to start my Tuesday.

Unfortunately my work day wasn’t as great, far too stressful BUT it’s over so let’s not dwell on that.  Nothing a good glass of Zinfandel couldn’t fix!


You’ll notice not one but two decanters in the background behind the bottle of wine – both gifts from our couples shower on Saturday.  As I said to Todd earlier – no reason “decant” keep both of them!

After work I had a weird craving for a scramble, specifically a sweet potato scramble inspired by my favorite menu item on the dearly departed Bloom‘s brunch menu.  I stopped by Ric’s to pick up some egg whites and a sweet potato.  Strangely, only “yams” were available but after bringing my yam home, cutting it up, cooking and eat it, I’m convinced it was actually a sweet potato not a yam at all.  Making this scramble is so easy and it tastes delicious.

First I diced the yam/sweet potato into small chunks and boiled them.

The I mixed the chunks in with liquid egg whites and cooked them up – easy as pie!  I like to add in a bit of cumin, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper so give it a little spice.




While the scramble was cooking I toasted a few slices of fresh bread with a little olive oil and once it was cooked, topped them with the scramble, seasoned with salt and pepper and topped it with some sharp cheddar and Dubliner cheese.  Any cheese will do, that’s just what we had in the house.  I love this easy, fiber and protein-packed meal!


I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow on an English muffin for breakfast.


Todd and I spent a little time working on our marriage mentoring homework.  This first portion was fairly painless but I know there will be some things coming up that are harder to discuss.  I’m excited to really embark on this process though, I’ve been looking forward to our marriage mentoring for months and I can’t wait to really take this opportunity to get to know Todd better, build our strengths and tackle the issues we struggle with.


All in all, my morning and night were great bookends to a mediocre day and I’m grateful for that.


Looking forward to shaking my asana at yoga tomorrow night and remembering to breathe during the day.


What is your favorite breakfast-for-dinner meal?

How do you like to unwind after a long day at work?


draft day

After work I went straight to Power Vinyasa class at The Funky Buddha.  Cindy was teaching tonight and her classes always make me sweat – a lot.  Tonight’s class was no exception and I left sweaty, stretched and worked out, in such a good way.  We tried a few new (to me) poses tonight including cougar and flying frog.  Tried is an important word here, cougar was one thing but flying frog was quite another – maybe next time!

When I got home there were three packages waiting to greet me.  One was a wedding gift, the other a thank you gift from the bridesmaids dress company (side note:  I should really be thanking them, they’ve been AMAZING to work with.  If you want to work with a great team, get in touch with Anna Elyse Bridesmaids, they rock!) and finally, a package sent straight from Canada.  What was in this package from the north?  My latest purchase, a custom hanger for my wedding dress made by My Amber Coloured World.  I had no idea what I was getting today because her service was so stinking fast!  I adore the hanger and can’t wait to hang my dress from it.  Amazing work Amber, thank you!

Todd’s friends were already here for the draft which meant that I basically had the house to myself.  I know that doesn’t make sense but it’s so easy to curl up on the couch next to Todd when I get home from work and waste the whole evening away together.  Needless to say, the draft took precedent and I was left to my own devices.

We ate so much food over the weekend and all I wanted was something green, believe it or not!  Normally vegetables aren’t a priority but I love green beans and we happened to have some.  To round out my dinner, I scarfed down a whole bowl of Garrett Chicago-Style popcorn that my sister brought me back from Chicago when she was in town this weekend.  I swear, that popcorn is the most amazing thing.  Even a few days out and mildly stale, it is so delicious!  The caramel corn has a slight burnt flavor to it and the cheesy popcorn is so cheesy and it stains your fingers orange, who could as for anything more?  I just love it!  We used to stand in line for hours just to get a bag of this stuff, it’s so worth it.  Thanks for the treat, sister!

The rest of my night was divvied up between watching Bones, tidying up our room and blogging, of course!


What treat would you stand in line for hours to enjoy?