yogurt and yoga clothes

This morning, like many mornings, I got dressed and put my pants on and then put my pants on…wait, what? Yes, it’s true. I wore two pairs of pants to work today.  I leave work at 5:30 and rush to make it to yoga at 5:45 so I often wear my yoga clothes under my work clothes.  This has led to some quite creative ensembles but so far, no one seems to have caught on.

See?  You can’t even tell there is a whole second outfit under my clothes!

Please, ignore the mess lurking behind me in the photo – I promise to tidy up tonight while Todd and his friends are drafting players for their Fantasy Baseball League, I swear!

I brought loads of leftover treats from our showers to work today and have been trying hard to ignore them but the wafting smell of cookies finally wore my down and I tried a White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal cookie, so delicious!

Thankfully I was able to stop at just one cookie and had room for my lunch – leftover Jet’s Pizza and a Honey Chobani.

This was my first Chobani experience and I loved the thick, creamy texture of the yogurt and the honey was just right to balance out the tang.  I’m not sure it will be replacing my regular yogurt selection but I definitely plan on enjoying it again.

Until later…