berry break

This morning I decided that I wanted to wear a skirt or dress to work because the forecast was calling for spring.  Well, I made the not insignificant error of wearing a never-before-worn skirt to work today.  When I was getting ready this morning it looked great but as the morning has crept on my hemline seems to keep creeping up.  This happens every tme I wear a skirt to work!  I think I give up.  No more skirts without tights or leggings.  Thank goodness I have a cardigan to drape over my legs while I’m sitting at my desk!  Oh well, you live and learn.

Today is so nice again.  I just ran to the bank at the start of my lunch break and it was 63 and sunny.  I know that it’s old lady-like of me to talk about the weather but this weather is worth talking about.

I’m now enjoying a lovely combination of yogurt and fresh blackberries.  A perfect warm weather combo.


After work today I have my second meeting with Events by iCandy, a fabulous local rental company that we’re using for the wedding.  I’m going to pick out some apothecary jars for our candy bar and maybe some silk flowers for our flower girls.  I can’t wait to go back there, their showroom is amazing and packed with beautiful things!

If it’s still nice out after the meeting I’m going to try to go on a short run.  And then pack.  I mean it today.

What’s the biggest fashion mistake you’ve made at work?