fly yoga

I could write three different posts about yesterday, I have so much to report, what a full day we had!  I’ll start out with our Fly Yoga class though, as it deserves a post all its own.

Emily and I got up and went to a Fly Yoga class.  We didn’t know exactly what we were getting to but we were excited to find out.  We got to class and there were blue silk hammocks hanging from the ceiling.  We claimed spots and waited for class to start.  As we were waiting people were stretching with their hammocks, swinging in their hammocks and laying in their hammocks as if they were human butterflies waiting to come out of big, blue cocoons.

Once class started, the instructor, Brent Holten (also the creator of Fly Yoga) did a great job of walking us through how to use the hammock.  We started in the hammock and came into our breath there, it was a real neat experience.  Emily compared the sensation of being suspended to  being underwater.  We did some inversions which were tricky, you really had to trust in the hammock’s ability to support you.  I needed a minute to get the hang of it but Brent was awesome and helped me through it.

We also did some yoga moves  with the hammock.  It really allowed us to go deeper into the poses.  Check out my pigeon!

I had a such a great time trying out Fly Yoga.  It was the first class I’ve ever smiled my whole way through.  It felt so good to be playful and child-like while getting a workout and I loved the Cirque du Soleil feel.  As a bonus, I’m definitely sore this morning.  Brent was awesome and even allowed us to do a mini sister photo shoot at the end of class.  Brent, please open a franchise in West Michigan, please!  I’d love to make this part of my weekly workout routine.

Fly Yoga was only part of the fun yesterday and I can’t wait to post about everything else but brunch and shopping await!

What is the most unique fitness class you’ve ever tried?

Do you think you’d enjoy Fly Yoga?