what luck, a food truck!

I hope you all enjoyed Todd’s guest post yesterday, I certainly did.

Before I get started with today’s post, I want to say happy, happy birthday to my dad!  I couldn’t ask for a better one and I’m looking forward to celebrating you at dinner tonight. Love you, Dad!

Now, onto the post!

Even though we have a lot of good options as far as restaurants go, one thing that our city is lacking is food trucks.  I started hearing about the food truck scene in LA, Seattle, Austin and Portland awhile ago and I just love the idea.  Sure we have some street vendors around, hot dog carts and the occasional ice cream truck but there just aren’t any good options for fast, interesting food.

Well, that’s not entirely true.  Recently, maybe a year ago, a local restaurant started a food truck here which is great news for people like me.  It’s called What the Truck and is owned by one of my favorite local restaurants, The Winchester.

Last night, Todd was going to go out with friends and I was going to stay home.  Then he mentioned that they were going to a community event, the Local First Street Party.  I was interested but not totally sold on going.  Then I found out that What the Truck was going to be there and I immediately decided to go.  Is it sad that the promise of food is the best way to get me out of the house?  Don’t answer that.

This would be my first time eating from a food truck and I couldn’t wait.  We got to the party, met up with our friends, bought some food tickets and then I made a beeline to What the Truck.  They were offering tacos, a veggie burrito and steak satay.  I settled on the steak when I saw that it had chimichurri sauce, an Argentine favorite.

After a short wait my steak satay was ready.  The meat had great flavor, the grilled vegetables were quite delicious and I was one satisfied customer.

I will definitely be trying food from What the Truck again.  It was delicious and I love the concept of freshly cooked, delicious food to go.  And who could resist that fun, brightly colored truck?  It just looks like a good time.

After enjoying my food truck grub we had a few beers and eventually some ice cream.  Todd ordered a hot dog too and I convinced him to get a few inches of it with just ketchup so I could try it.  I’m not a huge hot dog person but these were from a new hot dog place, Jonny B’z Dog and More and rumor had it they were the best dogs around.  They’re all-beef and they grill the buns so they’re a little crispy, like a grilled cheese.

Now that was one delicious hot dog.  They offer hamburgers and sandwiches at their shop too and I wouldn’t be surprised if Todd and I grabbed a meal or two there this summer.

We also enjoyed a beer or three (or four) from Founders, a local brewery. I opted for Cerise, a cherry ale.  Delicioso.

As if the food and beer choices weren’t enough we were also treated to great entertainment.  Local hip hop band, A.B! and Coconut Brown played and they were awesome.  The whole crowd was into it and we danced the night away.  The band has a great jazz-inspired horn section with trombone, saxophone and trumpet that accompanies their keyboardist, drummer, bassist and guitarist.  The full band added a lot of depth to the music.  They had great energy and really got the crowd going.  Hands up, hands up, Coconut Brown!  I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it onto the national scene one of these days.

Needless to say, I’m glad that I decided to go out last night.  The street party was a great time.

Do you enjoy local street parties or festivals?

Are there food trucks in your area?  If so, what’s your favorite food truck treat?