fun fact…monday

Ok, so I started the alliteration but didn’t finish it.

Since I’ve been so busy lately, I am just catching up on all of my favorite blogs from over the weekend.  While reading Kelly’s blog, Laughter, Strength, and Food I saw that she had thrown a blogger award my way on Friday and I’m so grateful!  I’ve only been writing this blog for a few weeks and I’d consider Kelly my first blogger friend.  She has an awesome blog so check it out!

Anyways, part of this mention was to list seven fun facts so here I go!

1) I love to travel.  My first trip abroad was to Europe with my dad’s side of the family when I was 12 and it really planted the travel bug in me.  In May, I’ll add Mexico to my list (I don’t count the first time I was there because it was a cruise stop and lasted about 3 hours) and I can’t wait!

2) I’m a sucker for word games.  I love Scrabble, Scattergories and especially Boggle.  And I’m not half bad at them.

3) Chocolate is my weak spot.  Not real surprise there.  When there’s no chocolate around, I’ll take anything sweet.  I’m not sure there’s such things as a bad dessert.

In fact, I made chocolate chip cookies tonight and have already had 4.  And I’m considering another.

4) I have three siblings and I’m the third after my brother, Matt and my sister, Emily and then comes my younger brother, Drew.  They’re awesome.  Also, I’m about to acquire two brothers-in-law and a sister-in-law when I get married so that’s fun!

5) My favorite wine is Malbec thanks to my semester abroad in Argentina.

6) Growing up, I loved to read.  I still love to read but don’t make as much time for it as I’d like to.

7) In high school I swam and played golf.  I love swimming and hated golf but still played on the team for four years – I suck at quitting things.

So there are seven random things about me.  I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks again to Kelly for the nod!