inch by inch, row by row

Since moving into our apartment I’ve been wanting to use our big, awesome deck to its full potential.  After a few false starts, that had to do with the planters we had/bought (2 separate occasions) not fitting over the railing of our deck, I finally bought small planters that I can just set on the ground.  Our neighbors won’t be able to see the flowers as well but they’ll still be there and I know they won’t fall off the deck onto anyone passing down below.

I picked some seedlings to plant – snapdragons and impatiens – and also some herb seeds: basil, mint and parsley.  I thought the snapdragons were an appropriate choice for my first garden since my grandfather, who loved gardening, also loved snapdragons.  We even had a vase of them in his honor at our wedding reception.  As far as the herbs go, Todd insisted on the mint and I can’t blame him.  Hopefully we’ll have a fragrant crop in a few weeks.

Today after work I planted the seedlings.  I decided to wait to plant the herbs because we were supposed to get a huge thunderstorm tonight and I didn’t want to the seeds to get washed away in the rain.

I got changed into gardening clothes and got outside as fast as I could before the rain hit.

Check out those new gardening gloves!  I take this seriously.

About 30 seconds after this photo was taken it started to rain so I went inside.  I claimed that this was the last straw, that I wasn’t meant to garden.

About 2 minute after that, the sun was back out so I ditched my defeatist attitude and got back to work.

This is the first “garden” I’ve ever tended as an adult.  Growing up we had a great garden.  We grew everything from corn to tomatoes to strawberries and green beans and my mom had planters all around the yard.  I’m not quite sure how things work when you use planters and I’m pretty sure that they’re over-crowded.  My hope is that they turn into beautiful, full flowerbeds.

Only time will tell…


Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow.  Gonna mulch it deep and low, gonna make it fertile ground.  Inch by inch, row by row, please bless these seeds I sow.  Please keep them safe below ’til the rain comes tumbling down. – David Mallett

Do you have a garden or grow anything at home?

Any gardening tips for this beginning gardener?