potter and butler spotlight

Good morning!  Last night as I was updating my Favorites page, I noticed a blog post at Potter and Butler highlighting the beautiful I Belong place card poms that they made for our wedding.

Remember these?

[Photo property of potterandbutler.com]

I’ve been raving about these girls, Emily and Carrie, since the package of poms arrived on my doorstep.  Their lovely products include cupcake toppers, garlands, poms, cake wreaths and of course the place card poms.  You can find all of their wares at their Etsy shop or on their beautiful website.

I’m so excited that their poms were part of our big day, you can check out their post about our wedding here.

If you need any cheer or merriment added to your celebrations, these are the girls to turn too.  Their products are adorable, inspirational and so much fun.

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again…

Who are your favorite handmade or Etsy vendors?