baseball and bagels

If yesterday was lazy, today is definitely the same. We are currently experiencing rain/snow/sleet/thundersnow and that never motivates me to do more than relax. I did manage to drag myself to my power vinyasa clasc this morning. Starting my day in that hot room was a welcome contrast to the cold precipitation outside. I was glad I went, especially after missing the last three days due to other commitments.

After yoga I stopped by Meijer to pick up some allergy meds and a couple of grocery items for the week. The purchase I was most excited about was a pack of Thomas Bagel Thins. I love bagels but hardly ever eat them because of the high calorie count and have been wanting to try these but our neighborhood supermarket doesn’t carry them.

We’re relaxing on the couch and watching the Tigers game and, since I’m such a good sport, Todd kindly toasted me up a Bagel Thin with Blueberry Peach jam.  Strangely, they were delivered to me like this…

Seems like someone snuck a bite.  (Pre-jam, of course.  Todd HATES jam – crazy right?)

I’m a fan of the Bagel Thins.  I’m so glad I bought them!  They taste like a bagel but don’t make me feel guilty.  Good work, Thomas!

There’s a to-do list waiting for me, hopefully I’ll find some motivation.  For now, it’s baseball and bagels.

Do you prefer food alternatives (Bagel Thins, Egg Beaters, Slimwiches, etc.) or the real thing?

How’s the weather where you are?  Please tell me there’s hope for spring!