morning smoothie and spicy ketchup

I went into work late today because I’m helping cover for a co-worker who has this week off.  Going into work late means sleeping in and still having a little extra time this morning.  Since I had some extra time, I decided to make a smoothie for breakfast, something I never have time for.  I mixed together plain yogurt, fresh pineapple, strawberries, a touch of honey, some brown sugar, ice and few tablespoons of steel cut oatmeal for texture. 

I wouldn’t recommend using the steel cut oats in a smoothie, it added a weird texture to it and most of it just fell to the bottom anyways.  Despite my oatmeal snafu, the smoothie was delicious!

I paired it with half of an English muffin topped with peanut butter and off to work I went.  What a great breakfast!  I wish I could get to work at 10:30 every day but…leaving at 7:00 isn’t the most fun.  Maybe my boss would approve 6 or 7 hour work days – I wish.

I’m enjoying a Spicy Black Bean Burger for lunch and it’s slathered with Chipotle Lime Ketchup.  I love this combo!  We were out so Todd quick whipped up a little portion of ketchup for me, isn’t he sweet?

Tonight is yoga and maybe a chocolate chip cookie again, if I’m lucky.  Hasta luego!

What did you have for breakfast today?

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