leftover heaven

I kicked off the morning with a English muffin topped with leftover sweet potato scramble from last night – it is just the perfect morning meal, full of protein and fiber to keep me full all morning.  I was running a bit late so I took it to-go and enjoyed every bite of it as I drove to work.


Not the best shot but you get the idea.

Work has been nice today and I’m currently enjoying a wonderful lunch of Raspberry Goji yogurt and a leftover wrap from Twisted Rooster.  Let me tell you, this wrap isn’t messing around!  It’s naan (Indian flatbread), which is one of my favorite carbs – it’s so soft and doughy, filled with grilled veggies: red pepper, yellow squash, asparagus and a generous helping of goat cheese.  So delicious!  For a vegetable-challenged girl like me, it makes eating my veggies painless. 

I’m hiding yoga clothes under my work clothes again, shh!  Unfortunately I left my sports bra at home and then quickly realized that I had left my whole yoga bag in the kitchen, whoops!  I’ll have to make a quick stop home before yoga class but it will be worth it to sweat it out tonight.