opening day

Today is Opening Day for the MLB. This is a big day at our house because Todd loves baseball. I love going to baseball games. I like baseball. See, I’ve learned that the thing about baseball is that in-season, someone is always playing. If you’re Todd, or other baseball fanatics, this is the best thing. If you’re me, it’s just the thing.

I’m prepared though. Yes, I might get sick of the constant feed of baseball games that will be showing every night in my living room for the next 6 months but it’s going to happen whether I like it or not. I choose to like it.

In that spirit, I wore a Detroit Tigers-inspired outfit to work today.

Notice the navy cardigan and orange head scarf.  Subtle but festive, my favorite kind of theme clothing.

The Tigers lost their first game today but I have faith in them. Here’s to a great season. Go Tigers!


Are you a baseball fan?

What’s your favorite part about going to the ballpark?