up and at ’em

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing morning workouts, especially since I’ve been too busy to work out this week.  Sad, I know.  Fortunately, this week is looking much better.  I got up this morning and made myself a little breakfast of an English muffin with peanut better and blueberries, one of my favorite combos.

Really, any breakfast carb with peanut and some kind of fruit on top is a great way to start the day.

Now, I’m off to yoga for the first time in six days.  I can’t wait to stretch this body out!  And look, it’s still morning!  It’s not 6:00am but morning is morning, right?

When do you prefer to exercise?

Do you eat before you do?

big morning

What a big morning I’ve had so far!  Normally I get ready and go to work and that’s that.  This morning I had a doctor’s appointment and found out that I am still healthy, expected but always a relief.

After my appointment I swung by the cafe inside the building where my doctor’s office is and bought this delicious looking salad for lunch.

I can’t wait to eat it for lunch, look at all of those strawberries and walnuts!  After that my tummy was rumbling a bit, an early bowl of cereal can only keep my belly full for so long so I went to the Wealthy Street Bakery.


The sales clerk talked me into buying a Chocolate Pecan Breakfast Cookie.  He claimed it was healthy and when I questioned that he told me that it’s full or protein, fiber and fat free.  Sold!

After that I caught up with my mom who is on spring break in Florida.  Color me jealous.  With the wedding only a month from today we had a lot to chat about!

Now I’m at work waiting to punch in. Not a bad Thursday morning, I could get used to coming in late.

What are you favorite breakfast treats?

What time do you go into work or class?

three things

Three things for this morning.

1) Yesterday morning while I was doing this:

(Todd is getting mighty sneaky with that camera.)

Todd was making me this for breakfast:

Yum!  I love English muffins and topped with peanut butter and banana, it’s the perfect meal to grab and go on the way to work.  I’m so lucky that he’s willing to help me out in the morning.  I tend to either be really calm and done getting ready quite early or running around like a crazy person.  Yesterday was a running around like a crazy person day since I was packing up those last-minute items for my Chicago trip.

Todd snapped these photos for me.  He’s getting used to having to wait a second to eat so I can get a shot of our meal.  Thanks, Todd for a wonderful breakfast!

2) I made it to Chicago safe and sound.  My sister and I had a reservation for dinner at Hot Chocolate.  On the way there one of Em’s heels broke!

What a bummer, they were cute shoes!  Em attempted to break the other heel saying, “I need a new pair of flats anyway.” but the other heel wouldn’t budge.  She just took it like a champ, kept on walking and barely even hobbled the whole way to the restaurant.  I’ve never had a heel break before I doubt I’d be able to pull off one heel so gracefully.

3) I was so looking forward to eat at Hot Chocolate.  I love eating at new restaurants and this place had a dessert menu to die for.  We started the meal out with an order of soft pretzels.  They brought out big nuggets with (very) spicy mustard and cheese fondue.  I loved the size of the nuggets.  Each one was 2-3 bites and perfect for dipping in the cheese.  I’m going to have to try making nuggets that size next time Todd and I attempt homemade pretzels.

Dinner was pretty good but dessert was great.  Em and I were “on vacation” so we each ordered our own dessert, I had the “Thoughts on a Peanut Butter Cup”, Em had a “Dreamsicle” and then we split a vanilla bean hot chocolate.

Peanut butter mousse, housemade peanut butter cups, concord grape reduction, yes please.

Orange sorbet, meringue, vanilla bean milk shake, such a creative combination, yum!

And then there was the hot chocolate…

That was the sweetest thing I have ever put into my body.  Em and I both immediately hit a sugar high and by the time we got home, mine had worn off and I fell asleep immediately.  We had a movie in and I’m not confident I even made it through the title screen.

So far this Chicago weekend if off to a great start.  Time to get ready for our Fly Yoga class, I’m so excited to try it!

What is the sweetest “little thing” that your significant other does for you?

What is the most decadent dessert you’ve ever had?

early to rise

Here I am, 6:18am and up and at ’em waiting for my flight to Chattanooga via Detroit. Getting up this morning was relatively easy. There’s something to be said for making sure you have everything ready to go – outfit, suitcase, essentials – before falling asleep at night. I think I’ll try to do that more often, it makes the morning nearly painless. Although I am looking forward to boarding my plane and falling asleep before taking off, it’s a skill I’ve honed well.

I woke up starving and was happy that my flight wasn’t so early that the restaurants were so busy. After speeding through security, I immediately bought a bagel and an Odwalla smoothie. I try not to drink much other than water but air travel always seems like a good excuse to splurge.


See you in Chattanooga!


My morning got off to a fun start today.  Todd got up really early to appear on the radio!  That’s right, my fiancé is now a radio star or at least he was today.  The “Mrs.” half of our marriage mentorship couple invited Todd to appear with her on a local public radio show to talk about why he wants to get married.  I woke up a few minutes before 7:00 to make sure I’d catch his whole appearance.  We don’t have a radio in the house (so modern we are!) so I had the webpage for live streaming ready to go before I went to bed but unfortunately it wasn’t working this morning.  I spent about 10 more minutes searching the house for a radio unsuccessfully.  Finally, I opened the door to the garage, rolled down my car window and blasted the radio so I could hear it while I was getting ready.  Not conventional but it worked.  Todd was a natural during the interview and hearing him talk about our relationship and his feelings about marriage was such an uplifting and reassuring way to start my Tuesday.

Unfortunately my work day wasn’t as great, far too stressful BUT it’s over so let’s not dwell on that.  Nothing a good glass of Zinfandel couldn’t fix!


You’ll notice not one but two decanters in the background behind the bottle of wine – both gifts from our couples shower on Saturday.  As I said to Todd earlier – no reason “decant” keep both of them!

After work I had a weird craving for a scramble, specifically a sweet potato scramble inspired by my favorite menu item on the dearly departed Bloom‘s brunch menu.  I stopped by Ric’s to pick up some egg whites and a sweet potato.  Strangely, only “yams” were available but after bringing my yam home, cutting it up, cooking and eat it, I’m convinced it was actually a sweet potato not a yam at all.  Making this scramble is so easy and it tastes delicious.

First I diced the yam/sweet potato into small chunks and boiled them.

The I mixed the chunks in with liquid egg whites and cooked them up – easy as pie!  I like to add in a bit of cumin, cinnamon, a touch of ginger and a dash of cayenne pepper so give it a little spice.




While the scramble was cooking I toasted a few slices of fresh bread with a little olive oil and once it was cooked, topped them with the scramble, seasoned with salt and pepper and topped it with some sharp cheddar and Dubliner cheese.  Any cheese will do, that’s just what we had in the house.  I love this easy, fiber and protein-packed meal!


I can’t wait to eat the leftovers tomorrow on an English muffin for breakfast.


Todd and I spent a little time working on our marriage mentoring homework.  This first portion was fairly painless but I know there will be some things coming up that are harder to discuss.  I’m excited to really embark on this process though, I’ve been looking forward to our marriage mentoring for months and I can’t wait to really take this opportunity to get to know Todd better, build our strengths and tackle the issues we struggle with.


All in all, my morning and night were great bookends to a mediocre day and I’m grateful for that.


Looking forward to shaking my asana at yoga tomorrow night and remembering to breathe during the day.


What is your favorite breakfast-for-dinner meal?

How do you like to unwind after a long day at work?