moving day

As if my bachelorette party wasn’t enough excitement this weekend, we also moved on Sunday,  Well, I should say that Todd moved on Sunday.  Both of our dads helped out and they were mostly done before I was home from Chicago.

I am so excited to live in this apartment.  It’s centrally located, close to work, in a fun neighborhood and it’s our own.

After I got there my mom wanted to come see the apartment so she and my dad stopped by with a bottle of wine to toast our first home.

After my parents left I got to work unpacking some of our wedding gifts.  It was so cool to finally see all of our new things, I can’t wait to use them.  I’m so overwhelmed by all of the newness!

When we got hungry we walked – yes, walked – to Brewery Vivant for dinner.  It was only a five minute walk and we have like 10 dining options all right there.  I was so happy to be walking around my neighborhood, it’s going to be so nice to live there, especially with summer coming up.

We split a cheese board and a burger.  They were both delicious.

I can’t wait to explore our neighborhood, get settled into our new home and be married.