recycling is rewarding

Last night after putting together all of that furniture, we had lots of cardboard and styrofoam left over.  So much so that the recycling bin was overflowing.  Thankfully, Tuesday is trash and recycling day. 

As we were filling up the bin, a neighbor came by and asked if we knew about the recycling rewards program.  We didn’t so he filled us in.  Turns out, our city is offering rewards to households that recycle.  What they do is weigh your bin when they pick it up and then you’re rewarded with 10 points per pound of recyclables.  Your points can then be traded in for gift certificates at local businesses. 

What a great program!  It not only promotes recycling but helps support local businesses – a winning combination.

I went inside to sign up for the program right away.  I wonder, how many points will we get for all of this?

For more information on the program visit

Do you recycle?

Does your community offer any incentives for recycling?