office thoughts

Todd brought me lunch at work today.  It’s always such a welcome break from my regular fare. Don’t get me wrong, I love my yogurt and leftovers combos but there’s something about a fresh-cooked meal that makes me smile – of course seeing Todd’s face as I walk out of a meeting isn’t so bad either.  Today, I was the happy recipient of an awesome Southwest Stir-Fry from Sundance Grill

Look at all of those colors!  I can’t wait to eat my leftovers for lunch tomorrow, yummy!

In other work-related news, I spend a lot of time at the office throughout the week, 42.5 hours to be exact.  My office can be a pretty crazy, often stressful place.  But there are some things that I just have to laugh at, like this:

Who has only styrofoam cups to store their office supplies???  Me!

Time to meet our marriage mentors at Starbucks! 

Does your office have any weird quirks or policies?

What makes you laugh throughout the work day?