Since yesterday my allergies seem to have been really acting up.  I claimed that I must be allergic to work.  I still think that’s true but they’ve been so severe and a sore throat and chills joined the mix today so I’m not sure this is just allergies.  Because I wasn’t feeling the best I came right home after work, cancelled my spot at yoga class and took a nap while Todd went to go pick up a pizza.

We enjoyed the delicious pizza from Big Bob’s at our new patio table and the combo of the sun and pizza definitely made me feel a little better – if nothing else, morale improved.  A few hours later Todd was craving ice cream.  I always want ice cream and, since Todd doesn’t have a sweet tooth like I do, jumped at the chance to go get ice cream even though I was considering an 8:00 bedtime.

We decided to walk to a local store, Martha’s Vineyard, to pick up a pint of ice cream.  We brought spoons with us so we could eat our ice cream on the way home.  I noticed my reflection in the spoon so we had a mini spoon photoshoot.

When we got to Martha’s Vineyard we ran into a couple of friends including my former roommate, Erin.  She recently got a new puppy and I got to meet her for the first time.

That’s my “I want one, can we get one please???” face.

I’ve been having major puppy lust lately but, Todd’s not that into it plus our lease doesn’t allow dogs and we’re locked in here for 14 more months.  Maybe by August 2012 Todd will be ready for one.

We decided on a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked Fro-Yo and got to work on it as soon as we started walking home.  It’s one of my favorite flavors and the fact that it comes in less-guilt frozen yogurt form is a major bonus.

As you can see, we enjoyed it.  And I’m sure it’s helping to clear up my stuffy nose.  Ice cream’s a cure-all, right?

Speaking of ice cream.  Remember those cookies and cream brownies that I made the other day?  On Monday night I got my wish and ate one warm with ice cream and hot fudge.

Yup, that was the jam.

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?


monday off

Back to life but not quite back to reality yet.  Even though our honeymoon officially ended yesterday I had today off to regroup and organize my life a little bit after the wedding.

I started today with a great hot yoga class at the Funky Buddha.  And, in exciting news, I signed up for their year-long membership.  Since I’ve started practicing there, I’ve been on a month-to-month plan but I’ve committed to a year of yoga and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have access to unlimited yoga sessions for the next 365.

After yoga I had a quick bowl of Cheerios – we haven’t had a chance to hit the grocery store yet but Todd’s mom sent along a bag of groceries with Todd’s dad when he picked us up at the airport last night, so sweet!

My parents left us those beautiful tulips on Todd’s windshield.  What great parents we have!

Anyways, post-yoga and breakfast I met Todd out at our former home, his parents’ lake house, to clean out some more things.  Moving is not my favorite, not in the least but we made some good progress.

After that I went to Target for some necessities (bath mat, trash can, drawer organizers, q-tips) which took me a good chunk of the afternoon.  While I love shopping, make decisions has never been my strong suit.

When I got back home Todd and I enjoyed a quick Oberon before heading over to my parents’ house to open wedding gifts.  Todd’s parents met us there as well and we had a fun time talking about the wedding, eating pizza from Nantucket Bakery and opening gifts.  What a fun night!

We got home and started to organize a little but I was tired and as soon as the silverware drawer was fully stocked with our new place settings I nestled in to one of the two chairs in our apartment and found a Sex and the City marathon to watch.  Not a bad Monday at all.

I go back to work tomorrow and I’m so glad that it will be a four-day week.  After all of that relaxing in Cancun, I’m not sure I’m cut out for a 9-5 anymore. Only time will tell…

Hopefully this week I’ll have a chance to use some of the awesome new kitchen gear we have.  This poor blog has been sadly recipe-free for the last few weeks.  Wedding brain, I tell you what.

How was your Monday?

bachelorette, hair, makeup and a hangover

My Grand Rapids bachelorette party was last night and we had a great time.  We had dinner at Bar Divani where I tried their featured apple pork risotto, it was de-lish!

After that we went to Stella’s where my little brother was working then we went on to some more embarrassing locales that will remain unnamed.  But it’s a bachelorette party, right?  Reverting to your younger days during a bachelorette party seems like the thing to do.

Thanks for taking me out girls, I had so much fun!

As far as this morning was concerned, I will simply say that I was in very rough shape for most of the day.  I had to be at my wedding hair and makeup trial run at noon and I am still shocked that I made it and made it through.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt so awful and I wanted to be in a ball, asleep on the couch.  Unfortunately, my appointment took three hours because I had my highlights touched up too.  Note to self: never make appointments for a day when a hangover is a possibility.  Man, I’m really past the bar scene phase of my life and need to remember that when I do have nights like that.  Oh well, you live and you learn.

My hair and makeup trial runs were a total success.  I love my hair stylist and she always does a great job and the makeup artist was fantastic as well.  I am going to have a few things tweaked with both my hair and makeup for the big day but overall I just feel so pretty and think my look will be just perfect for the wedding day.

Just a sneak preview until the big reveal on May 7.

I still felt pretty horrible when I got home and thought that a snack might help.  I made English muffin pizza again but was able to broil it since I was at home this time, I just love that crispy cheese on the top!

Of course, I love pizza so by dinner time I was ready for the real thing and we ordered some pizza from Hungry Howie’s.  I got my only small pizza so I got to pick toppings for both halves so I was able to have both of my favorites, plain cheese and pineapple with butter cheese crust.  Just what I needed!

Man, I might go have another slice.

Besides going to the salon, I’ve been laying low.  We’ve watched a few episodes of Parenthood.  I really like this show, we started watching it recently on demand and it’s really quite good.  It seems to give a pretty realistic view of an extended family and the different relationships between the family members.  The episodes we watched today were real tear jerkers and I’m happy to report that my makeup is all still intact – a good sign since I’m sure to be shedding tears at our wedding.

Have you ever had your makeup professionally done?

What’s your favorite hangover food?

english muffin pizza


I am so glad that the weekend is almost here.  I’m enjoying an English muffin pizza for lunch.  I just brought a lightly toasted English muffin, some pizza sauces and mozzarella cheese and assembled it, popped in the microwave and a minute later it was pizza time.

This is so simple to make, do you think it culd count towards the Homemade Meal Project?  It was delicious but I think I still need something else to snack on since I ate all of my lunch fruit for a snack this morning.

After work today, my office friends are taking me out for a mini despedida de soltera, a bachelorette party.  My officially bachelorette will be in Chicago the week before my wedding and not all of the girls can make it so we’re going out tonight to celebrate.  I can’t wait! 

Now, off to find a snack.  Hope you’re having a great afternoon!

What are you favorite, easy, lunch-time meals?

Are you going out tonight?  What are your plans?

hmp: grilled pizza

The Homemade Meal Project return tonight with grilled pizzas.  It was a relatively nice day in West Michigan (read: not snowing or ice cold) so Todd and I decided to pretend it was summer and fire up the grill.  I swung by Nantucket Baking Company on the way home from work and bought pizza dough (and some chocolate chip cookies…).

At home we worked the dough and turned it into pizza crusts.  After spraying the crusts with olive oil, they were ready for their first round on the grill.

Once on the grill, you begin by cooking only one side.  When the bottom is cooked, you remove the pizza dough, flip it over and add toppings to the cooked side.

Todd chose pizza sauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, bacon and mushrooms to top his pie.

I went for mozzarella, goat cheese, pineapple and bacon with pizza sauce on half.  No mushies for this girl, no way.

Having the grilled side up when you add toppings allows the bottom of the pizza to cook when you return the pizza to the grill.  The cheese melts pretty well with the grill lid closed.  After about 3 minutes, voila – pizza pie!

Doesn’t that look delicious!?

Grilled pizza is so delicious and really simple.  We just used store-bought sauce and fresh cheese and toppings.  It was so nice to grill outside, it really felt like a (chilly) summer night.  Add in an Oberon and it was the perfect kick-off to a relaxing weekend.

What’s your favorite grilled meal?

Do you prefer homemade pizza, delivery or pizza from a restaurant?

P.S.  I bought myself tulips the other day.  Aren’t they pretty?




doughnut pick-me-up

I woke up not feeling the best, a combination of allergies and some bug that’s going around, I think.  Thankfully, a co-worker brought doughnuts in to work today which is an instant pick-me-up.

I took that nice, sprinkled one right in front. 

This week has been dragging on and on and I am so glad it’s almost the weekend!  After two weekends away it will be nice to just be home and spend time with Todd and get things done around the house.  I can’t wait to get home and relax!

I’m going to stop by Nantucket Baking Co. to buy some pizza crusts so Todd and I can pretend it’s summer and make grilled pizzas for dinner tonight.  They’re one of my favorite things, I can’t wait to eat them.

What’s your favorite food to eat when you’re in a funk?

What are your plans for this weekend?

pizza love

As soon as 5:30 hit, I rushed home to take a post-power outage shower.  Oh my goodness, it felt so good to shower that I stayed under the water until the hot water ran out.  After getting fresh and clean, Todd and I headed out to Marinades in Rockford for some wood-fired pizza.

Before I go any further, I think it’s only fair to share with you my deep love for pizza.  I could eat pizza any day of the week.  There have even been weeks when I have eaten pizza every day of the week.  I love pizza in any form – thin crust, thick crust, wood-fired, pizza sandwiches… Mmmm!  Cheesy, saucy, doughy goodness, who could ask for anything more?

Thank you for bearing with me there, now back to the post!

We ordered cheesy bread to start (basically deconstructed pizza, yum!) and then we each order our own pizzas.

Todd and I can’t really order a pizza together, we can go halfsies on a pie – 1/2 pineapple (mine) and 1/2 mushroom and pepperoni (his) – but we can never just agree on one complete pizza.  Of course, this stems from my pickiness.  I’ll spring for the occasional BBQ chicken pizza or pizza margherita and the pizza place at work makes the best Boursin cheese and chicken pizza but my favorites are and will always be simple, pineapple or just plain cheese.  Tonight I was feeling bold and went for half pineapple and half pineapple and bacon.

That pizza was absolutely what I was craving, so tasty.  Pizza was the perfect, comforting way to end this cold, blustery day.

We got home and I quick finished writing the last of my thank you notes for our shower gifts and then Todd and I got to work on our marriage mentoring homework for the week.  This week’s theme is “My Story” talking about our families and where we came from.  Of course this isn’t something that was new for either of us, we both know each other’s families pretty well but our exercises are giving us a chance to look at and talk about these topics in new ways, it’s pretty cool.

Time to do a little work on the wedding and watch Top Chef, what a nice little Wednesday.  See you tomorrow!

What are your go-to pizza toppings?

Any toppings you won’t touch?