pizza love

As soon as 5:30 hit, I rushed home to take a post-power outage shower.  Oh my goodness, it felt so good to shower that I stayed under the water until the hot water ran out.  After getting fresh and clean, Todd and I headed out to Marinades in Rockford for some wood-fired pizza.

Before I go any further, I think it’s only fair to share with you my deep love for pizza.  I could eat pizza any day of the week.  There have even been weeks when I have eaten pizza every day of the week.  I love pizza in any form – thin crust, thick crust, wood-fired, pizza sandwiches… Mmmm!  Cheesy, saucy, doughy goodness, who could ask for anything more?

Thank you for bearing with me there, now back to the post!

We ordered cheesy bread to start (basically deconstructed pizza, yum!) and then we each order our own pizzas.

Todd and I can’t really order a pizza together, we can go halfsies on a pie – 1/2 pineapple (mine) and 1/2 mushroom and pepperoni (his) – but we can never just agree on one complete pizza.  Of course, this stems from my pickiness.  I’ll spring for the occasional BBQ chicken pizza or pizza margherita and the pizza place at work makes the best Boursin cheese and chicken pizza but my favorites are and will always be simple, pineapple or just plain cheese.  Tonight I was feeling bold and went for half pineapple and half pineapple and bacon.

That pizza was absolutely what I was craving, so tasty.  Pizza was the perfect, comforting way to end this cold, blustery day.

We got home and I quick finished writing the last of my thank you notes for our shower gifts and then Todd and I got to work on our marriage mentoring homework for the week.  This week’s theme is “My Story” talking about our families and where we came from.  Of course this isn’t something that was new for either of us, we both know each other’s families pretty well but our exercises are giving us a chance to look at and talk about these topics in new ways, it’s pretty cool.

Time to do a little work on the wedding and watch Top Chef, what a nice little Wednesday.  See you tomorrow!

What are your go-to pizza toppings?

Any toppings you won’t touch?

waking up in the dark

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning (what’s new? ha.) and when I finally rolled out of bed, i tried to turn on the bathroom light only to discvoer that our power was out.  At our house that means that not only the electricity is cut off but the heat and water as well, it’s such a pain!  I let work know that I would be a bit late and attempted to get dressed in the dark. 

Le struggle. (If it sounds French, you know it’s serious.)

Getting ready for work can be a struggle for me anyways but take away my light, shower, hair straightner and access to the fridge and I am a complete mess.

Since I didn’t get a chance to eat anything at home, I ran to grab a smoothie a Happy Heart smoothie (green tea, pomegranate juice, strawberries, raspberries and yogurt but they were out of pomegrantate juice) here at work.  It was my first time ordering a smoothie from work and it was quite good!  Definitely a nice way to ease into the work day.


Look at all of that whipped cream on top!  I would normally say no but on a day like today, a girl needs a little something to get her through the morning.

Thankfully I got a text from Todd around noon saying that the first estimate for when our power would be restored of 8:30pm tomorrow was way off and the power was back on, yay!

What’s your favorite morning pick-me-up?