lean lunchtime

Going back to work after such a nice weekend wasn’t my favorite idea but here I am, half way through the day, enjoying a surprisingly delicious frozen, steamed entree for lunch.  I end up eating frozen lunches relatively often and I actually really like them.  Of course it’s convenient which is a huge factor but I usually get the steamer varieties and they taste great!  Today I’m eating a Lean Cuisine Market Creations Chicken Margherita steamed meal and I’m a fan.  If I can just grab a bag out of my freezer, microwave it and have a delicious, nutritious,  low-calorie meal in five minutes, I’m in!  Plus, it’s a good way to get protein, I often have a hard time thinking up lunch meals that are easy to make and have a good amount of lean protein. 


I’m taking the week off from the Funky Buddha because I’m going to be pretty busy this week and in Chicago over the weekend.  Since I pay by the month and my month ran out last week, it makes sense to not start my next month until next week so I’m able to really use the whole month.  I’m going to try to run tonight and tomorrow and Todd and I are going to try rock climbing on Wednesday night.  It will be fun to change things up a little!  Plus, I can always do a little yoga at home before or after my runs. 

In other news, our wedding is only about 6 weeks away now and I really want to be mindful of what I’m eating and how I’m working out for the rest of the time leading up to the wedding.  So, let’s hope that  my love for sweets and carbs suddenly goes away.  I think sweets will definitely be the hardest thing to give up but I’m going to do my best to limit it.  Wish me luck!

My lunchtime minutes are up so, I’ll leave you with a few questions:

What’s the hardest thing for you to avoid when you’re trying to eat healthy? 

How about some easy ways to eat well?

What are some fun ways you sneak extra exercise into your routine?