holding on

I’m making some progress on packing.  I have things in boxes, full trash bags and more things strewn about the floor.  Moving makes me feel like a hoarder.  Why did I keep that receipt?  Did I really need to save that letter from my health insurance company?  Is that gum?  When did that shirt ever fit me?  But such is life.  We hold onto things because they mean something to us.  We hold onto things because we think we might need them later.  Sometimes I feel bad about holding onto things but sometimes I remember exactly why I did.

Today I found an envelope full of pictures that my grandmother had saved of me.  My mom separated a package for each of us kids when she passed away.  I love seeing those pictures and remember how much fun we had with her and knowing that her children and grandchildren brought her so much joy.  It makes me sad that she and my grandpa won’t be at our wedding – they would have loved it.  Grandma would’ve loved the whole process and put Martha Stewart to shame with all of the projects she would have come up with.

I also found the first picture that Todd and I ever had taken together.  It seems so long ago now but I love that picture and I love remember how much fun we had that night.

Anyways, I’m getting sappy over here.

It’s time for a packing break so I just ordered a pizza and am going to run to the (neighborhood) grocery store – we’re running low on trash bags and I forgot to buy more this morning – then pick it up.  And then I think I’ll mix up a little cocktail.  Yum!

Do you hold onto things that seem silly later?

Have you come across any gems lately?