morning smoothie and spicy ketchup

I went into work late today because I’m helping cover for a co-worker who has this week off.  Going into work late means sleeping in and still having a little extra time this morning.  Since I had some extra time, I decided to make a smoothie for breakfast, something I never have time for.  I mixed together plain yogurt, fresh pineapple, strawberries, a touch of honey, some brown sugar, ice and few tablespoons of steel cut oatmeal for texture. 

I wouldn’t recommend using the steel cut oats in a smoothie, it added a weird texture to it and most of it just fell to the bottom anyways.  Despite my oatmeal snafu, the smoothie was delicious!

I paired it with half of an English muffin topped with peanut butter and off to work I went.  What a great breakfast!  I wish I could get to work at 10:30 every day but…leaving at 7:00 isn’t the most fun.  Maybe my boss would approve 6 or 7 hour work days – I wish.

I’m enjoying a Spicy Black Bean Burger for lunch and it’s slathered with Chipotle Lime Ketchup.  I love this combo!  We were out so Todd quick whipped up a little portion of ketchup for me, isn’t he sweet?

Tonight is yoga and maybe a chocolate chip cookie again, if I’m lucky.  Hasta luego!

What did you have for breakfast today?

Have you check out my last post?  I need fashion help!

waking up in the dark

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning (what’s new? ha.) and when I finally rolled out of bed, i tried to turn on the bathroom light only to discvoer that our power was out.  At our house that means that not only the electricity is cut off but the heat and water as well, it’s such a pain!  I let work know that I would be a bit late and attempted to get dressed in the dark. 

Le struggle. (If it sounds French, you know it’s serious.)

Getting ready for work can be a struggle for me anyways but take away my light, shower, hair straightner and access to the fridge and I am a complete mess.

Since I didn’t get a chance to eat anything at home, I ran to grab a smoothie a Happy Heart smoothie (green tea, pomegranate juice, strawberries, raspberries and yogurt but they were out of pomegrantate juice) here at work.  It was my first time ordering a smoothie from work and it was quite good!  Definitely a nice way to ease into the work day.


Look at all of that whipped cream on top!  I would normally say no but on a day like today, a girl needs a little something to get her through the morning.

Thankfully I got a text from Todd around noon saying that the first estimate for when our power would be restored of 8:30pm tomorrow was way off and the power was back on, yay!

What’s your favorite morning pick-me-up?