three things

Three things for this morning.

1) Yesterday morning while I was doing this:

(Todd is getting mighty sneaky with that camera.)

Todd was making me this for breakfast:

Yum!  I love English muffins and topped with peanut butter and banana, it’s the perfect meal to grab and go on the way to work.  I’m so lucky that he’s willing to help me out in the morning.  I tend to either be really calm and done getting ready quite early or running around like a crazy person.  Yesterday was a running around like a crazy person day since I was packing up those last-minute items for my Chicago trip.

Todd snapped these photos for me.  He’s getting used to having to wait a second to eat so I can get a shot of our meal.  Thanks, Todd for a wonderful breakfast!

2) I made it to Chicago safe and sound.  My sister and I had a reservation for dinner at Hot Chocolate.  On the way there one of Em’s heels broke!

What a bummer, they were cute shoes!  Em attempted to break the other heel saying, “I need a new pair of flats anyway.” but the other heel wouldn’t budge.  She just took it like a champ, kept on walking and barely even hobbled the whole way to the restaurant.  I’ve never had a heel break before I doubt I’d be able to pull off one heel so gracefully.

3) I was so looking forward to eat at Hot Chocolate.  I love eating at new restaurants and this place had a dessert menu to die for.  We started the meal out with an order of soft pretzels.  They brought out big nuggets with (very) spicy mustard and cheese fondue.  I loved the size of the nuggets.  Each one was 2-3 bites and perfect for dipping in the cheese.  I’m going to have to try making nuggets that size next time Todd and I attempt homemade pretzels.

Dinner was pretty good but dessert was great.  Em and I were “on vacation” so we each ordered our own dessert, I had the “Thoughts on a Peanut Butter Cup”, Em had a “Dreamsicle” and then we split a vanilla bean hot chocolate.

Peanut butter mousse, housemade peanut butter cups, concord grape reduction, yes please.

Orange sorbet, meringue, vanilla bean milk shake, such a creative combination, yum!

And then there was the hot chocolate…

That was the sweetest thing I have ever put into my body.  Em and I both immediately hit a sugar high and by the time we got home, mine had worn off and I fell asleep immediately.  We had a movie in and I’m not confident I even made it through the title screen.

So far this Chicago weekend if off to a great start.  Time to get ready for our Fly Yoga class, I’m so excited to try it!

What is the sweetest “little thing” that your significant other does for you?

What is the most decadent dessert you’ve ever had?

change of plans

When I left the office today my phone told me that it was 56 degrees out, 56!  In Michigan, in March, that is the most amazing feeling and as a bonus the sun was shining bright.  I love the first days of spring, they are so promising and people tend to really appreciate the simple pleasure of not being cold and the whole just starts to wake up.

Well, all of that sun made me sleepy as I was driving home to pick up my yoga gear and I laid down for a quick cat nap… then I woke up too late to go to yoga, oopsy.  Todd and I decided to make the best of the unplanned time together and went to Reds on the River in Rockford for dinner.  We made a meal out of appetizers (baked goat cheese and chicken emapanadas), soup and this:


Cranberry-walnut bread, wow.  It provides the perfect amount of sweet but is definitively not a dessert bread like banana or pumpkin bread.  I ate all four slices, sorry Todd!  I’ll have to find a recipe so I can make this at home.


We’re back home and watching Top Chef: All Stars.  I’ve loved Top Chef since the first season and wish I could produce dishes like they do!  I love watching the creative process and I’d love to try each and every one of their dishes.  Actually, Todd and I had the chance to last May when the Top Chef tour came to Grand Rapids and yes, every bite was delicious.  I hope they come back again this year.


I need to start packing my suitcase tonight too.  I’m flying to Chattanooga this Saturday for my friend Jen’s wedding.  I’m so excited to celebrate her marriage to her fiance Evan and spend time with some good friends, especially my friend Sarah who lives far, far away in New York City now.  Todd can’t make it to the wedding and Sarah’s husband can’t either so we’re looking forward to a girls’ weekend together.  I can’t wait to celebrate your big day, Jen!


What are your big plans for this weekend?