running for veggie burgers

Running is not my forte.  When I’m on, I’m on but when I’m off, I take months off.  Today was the first time I went for a run since…when?  The last run I remember was when we lived in Costa Rica.  We got home in August.  Well, I broke my anti-running streak today after work.  I decided to take a short run, just 10-15 minutes to start to get back into it.  After 8 minutes, I was feeling pretty good so I didn’t turn down my street when I was passing it.  After 10 minutes, I still felt good so went to the next street (street are widely spaced in my neighborhood) and after 12 minutes I decided I felt good enough that I’d go to the next main street.  I didn’t start to turn towards home until 18:46.  First run of the spring = success!


I got home after running 2.7 miles in 29 minutes, not the fastest pace but I felt awesome and could have kept going but I didn’t want Todd to worry plus I knew there was this waiting for me at home…


Spicy black bean veggie burgers and green beans, two of my favorite things!  It’s topped off with chipotle ketchup – my favorite homemade sauce.  It’s so easy to make.  I just eyeball all of the ingredients which are the tasty combo of honey, lime juice, ketchup, cumin and chipotle powder.


After dinner Todd and I planned the wording for our wedding program.  I was surprised at how emotional I got when trying to pick the wording for the memorial section honoring our grandparents who have passed.  It’s sad to think that these people I love won’t get to be a physical part of our wedding date but they’ll definitely be there in spirit and I’m adding a few private touches in honor of my grandparents.

Enough of that heavy stuff, I’m still riding a high from that great and when I got home, Todd introduced me to the greatest run tracking site!  I’ve used in the past and I really like it but it’s mapping system doesn’t let you calculate your distance if you’re not running on the street.  This site is G-Map Pedometer and it’s mapping function is super easy, you only have to click a starting point and the end of the road and it follows the curve of the road for you without making you drop multiple pins PLUS it showed the running path by my house which made it so easy and a ton more accurate.  Score!  I think G-Map will probably become my go-to site for run tracking.

Time to relax now, hasta mañana!