follow the clues

Todd is at a Tigers game tonight.  Even though I love going to the games and  I would have loved to go, my work schedule just didn’t leave enough room to get there on time.  Since I’ll be home alone most of the night, I guess Todd didn’t want me to feel left out – I just got home from work and the top of our vase wine decanter was sitting at the top of the stairs.

Intriguing.  I looked on the wine cart.

He surprised me with tulips!  This is only the second time ever that Todd has bought me flowers.  I’m really touched – what a beautiful surprise.

But wait, another note!

Look in the fridge?  Okay!  (Truthfully, that was probably my next step anyway.)

What did I find?

Another surprise?  Wow.  What’s inside you ask?


Wow, I have an awesome husband.  What a sweet surprise – both literally and figuratively.  I’m one lucky girl.  Thanks, Todd!

Now, I’m going to enjoy a cookie quick before heading to yoga then I promise to fill you all in on my weekend in Denver.

What’s the best totally unexpected surprise you’ve ever had?

10 thoughts on “follow the clues

  1. Um, your husband is the sweetest ever!!! How cute is all of that?! He’s a keeper! 🙂

    Totally unexpected surprise.. probably my engagement, or once The BB brought me an edible arrangement (of choco covered strawbs – who needs the fruit? haha) and a stuffed groundhog (I’m obsessed) – it was sweet!

  2. Probably Dave’s proposal. Very unexpected, at least the timing anyway 🙂 – the day I arrived back in the States from my semester at sea. He exact words were, “marry me and never leave me again.” But another runner up is when he surprised me by having done the laundry!! I couldn’t believe it, I mean he did it all on his own!

    I see Todd is definitely starting off on the right foot! I guess I should apologize for ever having doubted him 😉

  3. i LOVE tulips! way to go todd todd neckers!

    best suprise from the D man? probably my birthday, we went to my favorite restaurant and he had roses already on the table, they took our picture (i’m such a sap) and when i came back from the bathroom he had a beautiful bracelet on the table. oh, and he told me that i was his everything….boys 🙂

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