brewery vivant, decoded

Tonight Todd and I met another couple, Tiffany and Jeremy, at Brewery Vivant for dinner after work.  Last time we had dinner there, we ordered a cheese board and a burger to share and both choices were delicious.  Part of the reason that we ordered these items was that we knew what they were.  You see Brewery Vivant isn’t your average brewery.  It is a Belgian and French inspired brewery and they take their food seriously.

Their menu includes items like bouillabaisse, sage tagliatelle, courgette anna, poussin and concassé.  Ummmm….what?

I’ve eaten a lot of food in many countries and tried many different types of world cuisine but I guess French food has never really been my thing.  In fact, I’m not sure that I’ve ever been to a French restaurant.  Since I like to be an informed diner, I spent some time at work today searching the internet to find out what these terms mean.

poussin = spring chicken, chick

tagliatelle = a type of pasta

courgette = zucchini

concassé = chopped tomatoes


With my newfound knowledge, I decided to order the Roasted Poussin which was delicious.  The chicken was moist and the broth was just interesting enough to give the dish some character.  Although I must admit, I was a tad envious of Jeremy’s fries – I’ve had those before at Brewery Vivant and they’re really good!

We had a great time at dinner.  Jeremy and Tiffany are new friends and it was nice to spend some time getting to know them better.  Thanks for coming to dinner, guys!

There are still a lot more choices on their menu that I haven’t tried and since it’s a 5 minute walk from home, I’m sure we’ll be there many more times over the summer.  Maybe next time I’ll try the Pulled Duck Confit Nachos, although I’m not that into duck.

Do you ever have a hard time decoding a menu?

If you don’t know exactly what something is, will you order it?

11 thoughts on “brewery vivant, decoded

  1. I do all the time. This is why I believe I am a creature of habit when it comes to food. But Dave, he enjoys not knowing. When he has come across this problem (mostly when grabbing lunch during filming), he has come to deem it “adventure lunch.” Basically just blindly choosing a dish and going with it.

    • I can see Dave doing an adventure lunch. I tend to play it pretty safe. I love to eat so much and I don’t want to pick wrong and be disappointed.

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  3. I’ve had trouble decoding a menu a few times, but usually it’s explained in a “key” or something on the side.

    I’m boring and never really order things if I don’t know what they are! Especially being vegan… that makes it a little bit tougher. I’m a boring order-er in general and usually get the same things often.

    • I love when restaurants have keys but I swear we only have one locally with a key and it’s a fancy schmancy special occasion place.

      Being vegan would make that a lot harder, I don’t blame you for sticking with safe choices, I’d do the same.

  4. Ummm…French Restaurant in Beijing. The one where Mom had a bit too much Vino and almost set the neighbors table on fire. It was more of a steakhouse, but it was still French and counts.

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